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William Moulton Authorized


Voted, That a Committee be chosen, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to confer upon the expediency of making Copper Coin, and make report to this House; and that Captain Pierce Long, Jonathan Lovewell, Esq˙, and Deacon Nahum Baldwin, be Committee for the above-mentioned purpose.

The Committee of both Houses, appointed to confer upon the expediency of making Copper Coin, made report as follows, viz:

That they, find it expedient to make Copper Coin for the benefit of making small change; and as the Continental and other bills are so large, that William Moulton be empowered to make so many as may amount to one hundred pounds weight, subject, when made, to the inspection and direction


of the General Assembly before circulation; also, we recommend that one hundred and eight of said coppers be equal to one Spanish-milled Dollar; that the said coin be of pure copper, and equal in weight to English half-pence, and bear such device thereon as the General Assembly may approve.


Adjourned to half-past two o' clock, afternoon.