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Meeting of the Inhabitants of Kent County, Maryland



A numerous and very respectable Meeting of the Inhabitants of Kent County, in Maryland, was held at the Court House in Chestertown, on Thursday, the 2d day of June, 1774, pursuant to public notice given for that purpose.

THOMAS SMITH, Esq˙, was unanimously chosen Chairman.

And, after reading the Act of Parliament for blocking up the harbour of Boston, and sundry letters and papers received from the Committee of Correspondence at Annapolis, the following gentlemen were chosen to correspond with the Committees of the other counties of this Province, and of the Colonies in general, viz: William Ringgold, (Eastern Neck,) Robert Buchanan, John Maxwell, Emory Sudler, Colonel Richard Lloyd, Colonel Joseph Nicholson, John Cadwallader, Joseph Nicholson, Jun˙, Thomas Ringgold, Thomas B˙ Hands, Joseph Earle, Ezekiel Foreman, James Anderson, James Hynson, James Pearce, and Isaac Spencer, Esquires, and Messrs˙ William Carmichael, John Vorhees, Donaldson Yeates, William Ringgold, (Chestertown,) Eleazer McComb, Dr˙ John Scott, Jeremiah Nicols, Dr˙ William, Bordley, and Captain James Nicholson.

The gentlemen present then desired the Committee to nominate a select number of their members to meet the Committees from the different counties in one Grand Provincial Committee, at the city of Annapolis, on a day thereafter to be appointed, to deliberate on proper measures to be taken in conjunction with the other Colonies, in order to bring about a repeal of the above Act of Parliament, so destructive in its consequences to the liberties of America in general, and of the town of Boston in particular.

The following gentlemen were appointed for that purpose, viz: Mr˙ Chairman, William Ringgold, (Eastern Neck,) Joseph Nicholson, Jun˙, Thomas Ringgold, and Joseph Earle, Esquires, who were directed to use every means in their power to promote unanimity of counsels, in order that a rational and well concerted plan may be laid down and prosecuted to attain the end proposed.

The gentlemen of the Committee being moved with the most tender sympathy for the distresses of their suffering brethren of Boston, particularly of the labouring poor, who are deprived of the means of supporting themselves and families by the operation of the Act for blocking up their harbour, opened a subscription for their relief, which in a little time was filled up to a considerable amount, and is left in the hands of the Chairman to be collected and shipped to them in such articles of provisions as may be most wanted, whenever it shall be necessary.

The Committee then adjourned to the house of Mr˙ Edward Warrell, in the said town, where their future meetings are to be held. Signed by order of the Committee,