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Regimental Orders



Charlestown, June 14, 1775.

First. That each Captain, or commanding officer of each company, immediately make a true return of all the men they and their recruiting officers have enlisted, according to a form given them by the Adjutant.

Second. That officers see that their companies are equipped with ten pounds, at least, of powder and ball, and that their fire-locks are kept in good order at all times, and give their men special orders not to fire a gun on any account whatever, unless beset by the enemy.

Third. That each commander of a company embody all his company, that are off from duty, twice a day, to exercise them in the best manner for learning the art of war.

Fourth. That each officer give special orders to their soldiers that they do no damage to any of the houses where they are quartered, or to any garden or grass in any part of this town, on pain of being punished according to the offence.

Fifth. That no soldier be allowed to stroll from his company, or pass from this encampment to Charlestown Ferry, or to any other encampment, without leave from their officers.

Sixth. That the commanding officer of each company cause the Rules and Regulations for the Army to be read at the head of their respective companies forthwith, and it is expected that all officers and soldiers govern themselves accordingly.

Seventh. That the officers see that the men and barracks are kept clean.

Eighth. That there be a guard paraded this afternoon at six o' clock, of the same number of officers and soldiers that are now on guard, to relieve Captain Whitcomb and his party, and that the Adjutant and Orderly Sergeants keep a good roster, so that neither officer nor soldier be called upon for duty out of their proper turn.

Ninth. That there be no noise in camp after nine o' clock at night, but all repair to their lodgings or barracks.

Tenth. That Ephraim Stone is appointed Quartermaster Sergeant until further orders.

JAMES READ, Colonel.