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Stamford (Connecticut) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee of Inspection and Observation, held in Stamford, on Thursday, the 5th day of October, 1775:

Personally appeared Obadiah Seely, Jun˙, and Gideon Lownsberry; they having been cited to appear before said Committee, for speaking disrespectfully of the honourable Continental Congress, and in many other instances acting inimically to the liberties of America; and after hearing the evidence brought against them, the Committee aforesaid proceeded to pass sentence, and, agreeable to the directions of said Congress, resolved to hold up said Seely and Lownsberry to publick view, as enemies to the liberties of their Country; hereby recommending it to all, to break off all commerce, dealings, and connection with them.

Ordered, That the Clerk send a copy of the above Resolve, to be inserted in the New-York Journal.

A true copy from the Minutes:

JOHN HAIT, JUN˙, Com˙ Clerk.