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Letter to the Governour of Connecticut, requesting him to forward three or four thousand Troops


A Letter was reported for the Inhabitants of New-York; which was accepted, and a copy of the same put on file.

Draught of a Letter to the Governour and Company of Rhode-Island, respecting the sending a number of Troops immediately, was reported; whereupon,

Voted, That the same be accepted, and transmitted by an express.

Voted, That a Sub-Committee may be appointed to wait upon the Council of War to recommend their giving orders for a return of the enlisted men, and that they will take order that such men as are enlisted, may be admitted to join the Camp with all expedition, that so such men; as are far from home, and do not intend to enlist, may have leave to depart as soon as it can be done with safety to the Colony.

Voted, That Colonel Gardner be appointed to lay this Vote before the Council of War.

Voted, That it be recommended to the Council of War, that six Companies of each of the two Regiments to be raised in the County of Plymouth, be ordered to join the Army at Roxbury, as soon as they are completed; and that the four other Companies of each of said Regiments, which may be raised most contiguous to the sea-coast of said County, be retained for the immediate defence of said seacoast, to be regulated by the Colonels of said Regiments, until further orders.

Voted, That Colonel Palmer and Colonel Cushing be appointed to lay the foregoing Vote before said Council.

Advice being received that a number of Transports with Troops are just arrived at Boston from England, Doctor Church, Colonel Palmer, and Mr˙ Devens, were appointed to confer with the Council of War upon the occasion.

Voted, That Colonel Bricket be desired to take possession of all the Arms and Ammunition that he shall find in Mr˙ Borland' s house, and bring them to Head-Quarters.