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Provincial Congress of Georgia



At a Provincial Congress held agreeable to appointment, at Tondee' s Long Room, at Savannah, on the 4th day of July, 1775, and continued from day to day, the following persons were returned duly elected, viz:

Town and District of SAVANNAH. — Archibald Bullock, Noble Wimberly Jones, Joseph Habersham, Jonathan Bryan, Ambrose Wright, William Young, John Glen, Samuel Elbert, John Housfoun, Oliver Bowen, John McCluer, Edward Telfair, Thomas Lee, George Houstoun, Joseph Reynolds, John Smith, William Ewen, John Martin, Doctor Zubly, William Bryan, Philip Box, Philip All-man, William O' Bryan, Joseph Clay, Seth John Cuthbert.

District of VERNOUNBURGH. — Joseph Butler,* Andrew Elton Wells, Matthew Roche, Junior.

District of ACTION. — David Zubly, Basil Cowper, William Gibbons.

SEA-ISLAND DISTRICT. — Colonel Deveaux, Colonel De Le Gall, James Bulloch, John Morel, John Bohun Gerreadieu, John Barnard, Robert Gibson.

District of LITTLE OGECHEE. — Francis Henry Harris, Joseph Gibbons, James Robertson.*

Parish of ST˙ MATHEW. — John Stirk, John Adam Treutlen, George Walton, Edward Jones, Jacob Waldhauer, Philip Howell, Isaac Young, Jenkin Davis, John Morel, John Fierl, Charles McKay, Christopher Cramer.

Parish of ST˙ PHILIP. — Colonel Butler, William Le Conte, William Maxwell, Stephen Drayton, Adam Fowler Brisbane, Luke Mann, Hugh Bryan.

Parish of ST˙ GEORGE. — Henry Jones, John Green, Thomas Burton, William Lord, David Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, James Pugh, John Fulton.

Parish of ST˙ ANDREW. — Jonathan Cochran, William Jones, Peter Tarlin, Lachlan McIntosh, William McIntosh, George Threadcraft, John Wereat, Roderick McIntosh, John Witherspoon, George McIntosh, Allan Stuart, John McIntosh, Raymond Demere.

Parish of ST˙ DAVID. — Seth John Cuthbert, William Williams, Senior.

Parish of ST˙ MARY. — Daniel Ryan.

Parish of ST˙ THOMAS. — John Roberts.

Parish of ST˙ PAUL. — John Walton, Joseph Maddock,*

Andrew Burns, Robert Rae, James Rae, Andrew Moore, Andrew Barney, Leonard Marbury.

Parish of ST˙ JOHN. — James Screven, Nathan Brownson, Daniel Roberts, John Baker, Sen˙, John Bacon, Sen˙, James Maxwell, Edward Ball, William Baker, Sen˙, William Bacon, Jr˙, John Stevens, John Winn, Sen.

Those marked * declined taking their seats.

Archibald Bullock, esq˙, being proposed as President, was unanimously elected; and George Walton, esq˙, being proposed as Secretary, was also unanimously elected.

The Congress then adjourned to the Meeting-House of the Reverend Doctor Zubly, where he preached a sermon on the alarming state of American affairs.

The Congress being returned, a motion was made and that the thanks of this Congress be given to the Rev˙ Doctor Zubly, for the excellent Sermon he preached this day to the Members which being unanimously agreed to, it was Ordered, That Basil Cowper, Joseph Clay, John Houstoun, John Glen, and George Houstoun, Esqrs˙, be a Committee for that purpose.