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Resolve + Order


This Committee having made application to Congress for twenty pieces of heavy Cannon out of those taken at New-Providence, for the defence of this Province, Robert Morris, Esq˙, delivered to the Board the following Resolve and Letter to Commodore Hopkins, viz:

"In Congress, May 7, 1776.

"Resolved, That twenty of the heaviest Cannon taken by Commodore Hopkins at New-Providence, and brought from thence to New-London, and since carried to Newport, be brought to the City of Philadelphia, and delivered to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, for the defence and protection of the said City; to remain there during the pleasure of Congress.

"Extract from the Minutes:


"SIR: The Congress having, by the foregoing resolve, agreed to lend twenty of the heaviest cannon taken at Providence, and carried to Rhode-Island, to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, for the defence of this City, I have to desire you will immediately deliver the same to the person or persons whom the said Committee send to receive them, and bring them hither.

"I am, sir, your most humble servant,

"JOHN HANCOCK, President.

"To Commodore E˙ Hopkins, or in his absence to Daniel Tillinghast, Esq."