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Colonel Malcom to General Heath



Niack, December 7th, 1776.

Sir: I had the honour to receive your most obliging letter of the 4th instant yesterday, and am exceeding happy that the conduct of the regiment under my command hath merited the approbation which your Honour very politely expresses.

A scouting party, which went down to hover on the verge of the enemy' s quarters about English Neighbourhood, brought in a stout negro fellow, the property of a Tory, (one Peck,) who is now with the enemy; and the negro has been employed as a spy to bring them accounts of our motions. I beg to know how I must dispose of him.

I request your Honour will inform me if the Treasury is moved. I expect my abstracts from Head-Quarters to-day, and would be glad to get the cash here.

I have the honour to be, with due respect, sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,


To Major-General Heath, at Peekskill.

I have forty men just going out again.