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Report of the Committee of War


The Committee of War, to whom was referred the Estimate of Peter T˙ Curtenius of the 23d instant, delivered in their Report of the Articles necessary to be provided by the Commissary for the Troops to be raised in this Colony, viz: 2,432 Frocks for Privates; 128 Frocks for Sergeants; 128 Frocks for Corporals; 32 Frocks for Drummers; 32 Frocks for Fifers — 2,752 Frocks to be purchased, if to be had at the price limited by Congress; 2,752 Felt Hats; 2,752 pairs of Yarn Stockings; 2,752 pairs of Shoes; 2,752 Blankets, if to be had; 156 Blankets for Officers; 2,752 Canteens,


(wooden ones preferable to tin, if the disproportion of prices is not too great;) 156 Canteens for Officers; 458 Camp Kettles, (two-thirds of this number ought to be Iron Pots;) 1,566 Cartouch Boxes, (1,122 being bought by Mr˙ Smith;) 1,566 Gun Slings; 2,008 Knapsacks; 2,752 Tomahawks; 32 Drums and Slings; 32 Drum Cases; 32 Fifes; 700 Bill-Hooks, in addition to the 300 in store, will probably be sufficient; 12 Field-Officers Tents, to have walls, booths, and flies complete; 32 Square or Horsemen' s Tents, for Captains; 32 ditto for 64 Lieutenants; 16 ditto for 32 Ensigns; 4 Adjutants' Tents; 4 Quartermasters' Tents; 4 Chaplains' Tents; 4 Surgeons' Tents; 108 Tent Bags; 103 Valices; 458 Soldiers' Tents, allowing 6 men to each Tent; 2,688 Muskets complete. The Officers' Tents ought all to have flies.

The foregoing Report, being read and considered, was unanimously agreed to.

Ordered, That the Secretaries prepare a copy of all of the articles in the said Report mentioned as necessary to be provided, and deliver the same to Colonel Curtenius, the Commissary, who is directed to cause those articles to be provided with all possible despatch.