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Orders, Oct. 22


Head Quarters, Cambridge, October 22, 1775.

(Parole, Harrison.) (Countersign, Cooke.)

The Deputies from the honourable Continental Congress having arrived in this camp, in order to confer with the General, the several Governours of Rhode-Island and Connecticut, the Council of Massachusetts-Bay, and the President and Convention of New-Hampshire, on the continuing


an Army, for the defence and support of America and its liberties, all officers who decline the further service of their Country, and intend to retire from the Army at the expiration of their present term of service, are to signify their intentions, in writing, to their Colonel, which he is to deliver, with his own, to the Brigadier-General or commanding officer of his Brigade. Those brave men and true patriots who are resolved to continue to serve and defend their brethren, privileges, and property, are to consider themselves engaged to the last day of December, 1776, unless sooner discharged by the honourable the Continental Congress, and will in like manner signify their intentions. This return to be made at orderly time, Wednesday next.