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Letter from the Committee for Tryon County, New-York, to the Provincial Congress



County Committee Chamber, December 27, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: In answer of several letters of you received to day, concerning our Delegates wanting at your House, we would immediately, without delay, acquaint you, that in our meeting held on the 25th of November last, Mr˙ William Wills, of Harpersfield, was voted as a Delegate of our County, to represent us, in company with Mr˙ John Moore, at your House; and we despatched him immediately with his credentials therefor, and we doubted not of his appearance in New-York on that purpose some time ago. We have been informed that he went on his journey, and must suppose that he might be arrived by this time. But in case of the delay of such elected second Delegate, we do hereby empower the said John Moore, if agreeable to you, to be our sole representative for our County at the Provincial Congress, until we have certain notice of the circumstances of the aforementioned late chosen Mr˙ Wills.

Also, if Mr˙ John Moore should be on his return home in the time when said Mr˙ Wills would arrive in New-York at your House, we fully approve that he, then, might act in the same manner, as the only one representative for our County, until we shall receive further notice thereof, and in case of such further want of the one or the other, we will immediately cause a new voting again to supply such want. We may assure you that we are very sorry to be


the cause of any delay or disappointment in your House; but we hope to be excused for the true circumstances aforementioned, and besides your letters came very late to our hands.

We remain, with all esteem, gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servants. By order of the Committee:

ISAAC PARIS, Chairman.