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Memorial of the Company of Foot


Dorchester, September 27, 1775.

To the Honourable Board of Counsellors and House of Representatives of the Province of MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, in General Assembly now sitting in WATERTOWN.

The Memorial of the Company of Foot raised in the Town of WORCESTER, and now in the Continental Army, in the Regiment whereof JONATHAN WARD, Esq˙, is Colonel, together with the principal part of


said Regiment, being raised out of the County of WORCESTER, humbly sheweth:

That the said Town and County have been intolerably infested with a cruel and merciless set of Tories, who exerted all their wit, sophistry, and influence, to proselyte slaves to the supreme legislative power of the British Parliament, and to disconcert every method used by the wise and zealous friends of the free, happy, and most noble Constitution of the Empire, and discovered a most merciless, inimical temper towards our Provincial and Colony Charters, styling the sons of freedom, or friends to the Constitution, rebels and traitors, and menacing death and cruel tortures as their just and remediless portion.

That when the bloody era commenced, and the brave appeared in arms to defend their invaluable rights against Troops formed, posted, and ordered to massacre all that would not submit to their merciless decrees, and all America, with one heart and voice, cordially united to take up arms, as their dernier resort, for their defence, then these hardy wretches trembled; some confessed, and like vermin crawling among the roots of vegetables, endeavouring to secrete themselves, while they are a nuisance to the cause of justice and judgment; or in sheep' s clothing secretly watching for prey to gratify their voracious appetites, or availing themselves of the good opinion of the prudent, ascend into places of power or profit, and rendered capable of acting their predecessor Judas' s part, when opportunity favours their design, betray the good cause with all hail! and a hypocritical kiss.

That others fled to Boston, there to advise and act as open and avowed enemies to their brethren, encouraging the disheartened and chagrined Troops to all merciless acts of violence and bloody scenes, stimulating the British Ministry and all the tools of tyranny to pursue their bloody decrees with all vengeance upon us; by which means, in our humble opinion, they have forfeited all right to American properly, and even their lives, with every aggravation of guilt, as did ever a bloody set of merciless robbers or desperate pirates.

That as some of those vermin, or worse, emissaries of tyranny, are crawling out of Boston to their forfeited seats atWorcester, there is reason to suspect that either their expectations fail, and therefore would gladly return to their former seats and profits, until a more favourable opportunity presents to carry their evil machinations into execution; or they are contriving by degrees to slide back to their seats, and there to avail themselves of the good opinion of the people, in order to play their parts to divide and subdivide, or by some methods weaken our union, or to form some diabolical plan for the Ministry to save the supremacy of Parliament, under some soft, sophistical, reconciliatory terms.

Wherefore, we, your humble memorialists, entreat your honours not to suffer any of those who return (however humble and penitent they may appear) to go at large or return to their former seats, or even to be so far favoured as to be confined within the limits of Worcester, but treat them as they deserve, enemies in a superlative decree; confine them close, and render them incapable of doing harm; or return them to Boston, their favourite asylum.

Your honours' petitioners cannot but flatter themselves with a most sanguine expectation of this so rational a request being fully granted, especially as we are risking our lives in our Country' s cause. It must greatly dishearten us to hear our most notorious enemies are tolerated and winked at, while on the other hand we find no necessity to pray to our Commander-in-Chief for a detachment to apprehend and confine enemies, who are secured properly by our civil fathers, under whose jurisdiction they appear; and, thus encouraged, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.

LUKE DRURY, Captain,
JOHN SMITH, Lieutenant, In behalf of the Regiment.

And presented to the honourable Board, by Colonel Ward, Captain Washburn, and Captain Millen.