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Letters from sundry Merchants in New-York to the Provincial Congress


New-York, August 28, 1775.

SIR: I have laden on board my Brig Patty, Captain Bedford Ashfield, four thousand bushels of Indian corn,


which, with one thousand bushels more, and a few boards, will be all her cargo; with which cargo of Indian corn and lumber the said brig is to proceed to the Island of Madeira; and for the true performance of it, myself and the Captain will enter into any security required by the honourable the Provincial Congress. I therefore pray the Congress will give me permission to take on board the remainder of my cargo, which is bought already, and suffer the said Brig Patty to depart with it to Madeira, which will greatly oblige yours and the Congress' s most obedient humble servant,


To Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress for the Colony of New-York.