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Thomas Johnson, Jun., to Maryland Council of Safety



Frederick-Town, 20th December, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Some time ago the Committee of this County formed James Wells, William Reggles, Henry Stevenson, Lucian Merediths, Henry Butler, Basil Dorsey, William Bressledan, and David Moore' s companies into a battalion, and recommended Upton Sheredine Colonel, David Steiner Lieutenant-Colonel, David Moore 1st Major, Ephraim Howard 2d Major, and Charles Warfield Quartermaster. It is said here that the recommendation was sent to the Council of Safety, and is lost. Afterwards, as it is said, and on the countenance of some of the Committee, and after a very general agreement on time and place, and two or three weeks intervening, (most of the officers and some of the men, though from what I understand not a majority of the privates,) met and voted for Field Officers lo be recommended, who were recommended according to the vote: James Wells Colonel, David Moore Lieutenant-Colonel, Ephraim Howard 1st Major, Joseph Wells 2d Major, and Henry Stevenson Quartermaster. This recommendation was forwarded to Mr˙ Sheredine, in the time of the last Convention, but he says on receiving a letter from Captain Moore, who was present and did not vote, suggesting the election was not fair, he did not get any order for the commissions. I see neither set of Field Officers will entirely please the battalion, and yet if Field Officers are not appointed to that battalion, I fear little may be expected from it. I wish, therefore, commissions were immediately sent me. William Winchester is First Lieutenant of James Wells' s company. Ephraim Howard is First and Upton Sheredine Second Lieutenants, of David Moore' s company. Charles Stevenson is First Lieutenant of Henry Stevenson' s company. David Steiner is an infirm man, and though enrolled, never musters, so that there can be no use in appointing him a Field Officer.

I am told that Field Officers were some time ago recommended for the upper battalion of all, Lemuel Barnett, Colonel. The rest I either did not hear, or have forgot, but I understand the commissions have not come up. If the recommendation is before you and not very exceptionable, I would wish the commissions were sent up. What few people may on any occasion be got from that quarter, will tell for so many at least.

23d. — I have had no opportunity of sending the above away. This afternoon the Committee received money from the Congress. None have yet marched, but are very busy in preparing. If you can possibly supply shoes, stockings, tents, or blankets, especially the last, it may


save a good many poor fellows. If you can spare any, do hurry them to this place or Taney-Town, and advise us of it.

I took the freedom to mention my sentiment, that if General Beall' s commission had not expired, it would not do to give him the command of the Militia. The prejudice is so strong against him, that many of the officers say they will not go under him. As I hear this sentiment so general I think it my duty to mention it to you. I wish to be ascertained whether I am to go or not. I am heartily willing to exert myself in the military line, if you think it may possibly gain to the service.

I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


The honourable Council of Safety of Maryland.