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William Sluby, merchant of Chestertown


Whereas this Convention hath been informed that William Sluby, Merchant, of Chestertown, in Kent County, hath lately, in a publick manner, delivered sentiments and opinions with an intention to disunite and disaffect the good people of this State in their present opposition to the hostile attempts of Great Britain against the United States: therefore,

Resolved, That the Committee of Observation of the said County summon James Claypole, of the said Town, to appear before them as a witness against said Sluby, and make inquiry into the truth of the said information, and report the facts arising thereon to this Convention, or, in their recess, to the Council of Safety; and if they shall judge it necessary, take the said Sluby into custody, and send him, under a guard of four of the Militia, to this Convention or the Council of Safety as aforesaid, to be dealt with as the nature of his offence may require.

Ordered, That the Clerk transmit a copy of the above Resolution to the Committee of Observation for Kent County.