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Letter from the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety to Colonel Bedel



In Committee of Safety, November 18, 1775.

SIR: Last evening Mr˙ Grant arrived here with your letter of the 2d instant, containing the agreeable news of the surrender of St˙ John' s, &c. We are very sensible that your men, without some assistance, must suffer from the cold, in so severe a climate, and are anxious to do every thing in our power for their relief. From the very circumstance of their being ordered to join General Schuyler' s Army, we supposed they were to be considered as Continental troops, and therefore no provision has been made for them by the Congress of this Colony. You say paper money will not pass there; no other can be procured here on any terms. There is a small sum of silver and gold in our treasury, reserved for the purpose of procuring ammunition beyond sea, out of which we have put into the hands of Israel Morey, Esq˙, three hundred pounds, lawful money, to be by him transmitted for the benefit of the troops put under your command by the Congress of this Colony, as he shall judge most safe and convenient; which we nope they will lay out for such clothing as is most necessary for them, and that you will endeavour to prevent their expending it unnecessarily, more especially as it is all of the kind that they can possibly be supplied with from hence. We have wrote to Generals Schuyler and Montgomery on the subject of supplies and pay for your men, and desired them to assist you in every thing necessary to make your companies as comfortable as possible.

Hoping, ere this reaches you, comfortable habitations may be your lot, and that all your efforts for the good of the country may be crowned with happy success; that you may, in due time, safely return to your friends and families with the laurels of victory, and be well rewarded for your services and sufferings by your countrymen, is the desire of your most obedient servants.