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Committee to Consider Washington' s Letter


January 19, 1776.

The Committee of both Houses, appointed to take into consideration his Excellency General Washington' s Letter to this Court, of the 15th instant, have attended that service, and report as followeth, viz:

That his Excellency he informed that it is the opinion of this Court, there would be a general supply of fire-arms brought into the camp, if he would give publick notice that


if the recruits would come well armed, they should be allowed for the use of their arms, and, if lost in the service, the just value of them should be paid; and that their arms shall not be detained from them when their time of service shall expire. And that, to detain the arms of the Militia, without their consent, would neither promote the good of the service, nor facilitate the arming the forces, as it would produce a general uneasiness through the country. And that his Excellency be also informed, that this Colony have in store, but about two hundred fire-arms, part of which are out of repair; such as will do for the service, although provided for the particular use of this Colony, we shall be ready to deliver, if they shall be needed, and do all in our power to aid his Excellency in arming the troops.

By order:

In Council, January 16, 1776: Read and sent down.

PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

In the House of Representatives, January 16, 1776: Read and accepted, and thereupon, Ordered, That the Committee appointed to wait upon His Excellency General Washington, on the subject of his Letter of the 10th current, be a Committee to present him a copy of the within Report. Sent up for concurrence.


In Council, January 16, 1776: Read and concurred.

PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.

A true copy. — Attest:

PEREZ MORTON, Deputy Secretary.