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In the House of Representatives, Jun˙, 17, 1774.

This House having duly considered, and being deeply affected with the unhappy differences which have long subsisted, and are increasing, between Great Britain and the American Colonies, do Resolve: That a meeting of Committees from the several Colonies on this Continent, is highly expedient and necessary, to consult upon the present state of the Colonies, and the miseries to which they are and must be reduced by the operation of certain Acts of Parliament respecting America, and to deliberate and determine upon wise and proper measures, to be by them recommended to all the Colonies, for the recovery and establishment of their just rights and liberties, civil and religious, and the restoration of union and harmony between Great Britain and the Colonies, most ardently desired by all good men. Therefore,

Resolved, That the Honourable James Bowdoin, Esq˙, the Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esquire, Mr˙ Samuel Adams, John Adams and Robert Treat Paine, Esquires, be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee on the part of this Province, for the purposes aforesaid, any three of whom to be a quorum, to meet such Committees or Delegates, from the other Colonies as have been or may be appointed, either by their respective Houses of Burgesses, or Representatives, or by Convention, or by the Committees of Correspondence appointed by the respective Houses of Assembly, in the City of Philadelphia, or any other place that shall be judged most suitable by the Committee, on the 1st day of September next; and that the Speaker of the House be directed, in a letter to the Speakers of the Houses of Burgesses or Representatives in the several Colonies, to inform them of the substance of these Resolves. Attested: