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Instructions to the Delegates


Tuesday, April 11, 1775, A. M.

The Committee on the State of the Province reported Instructions to the Delegates appointed to repair to Connecticut, &c.; read, and accepted, and

Ordered, That it be signed by the President, and is as follows:

In Provincial Congress, Concord, April 11, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The thorough knowledge you have of


our publick affairs, and the distressed circumstances of this devoted Province, makes it unnecessary to be particular in any instructions with regard to the important trust committed to your care.

We would, notwithstanding, in general, give you some hints which may serve to cement and continue that union which has so happily taken place in this Continent. In order to effect these desirable ends, that as soon as may be, you repair to Connecticut, and endeavour to obtain such an early conference with the Governour and Company of that Colony, as the pressing exigencies of our affairs may demand; and as an immediate exertion of our united efforts to recover and maintain those invaluable blessings of liberty which are in part wrested from us by the hands of arbitrary power, and of which we have no other prospect of a restoration under God, but by the firm and unshaken resolutions and conduct of America; and that as Ministerial vengeance appears to be levelled at the Northeast Colonies in particular, it is of the utmost importance that immediate measures (such as is consonant with the union of all the Colonies) be pursued for their mutual defence; and that you would endeavour to obtain an explicit and full answer, so that we may unitedly exert our strength in the common cause for the salvation of our country; and to this end we would recommend your continuance there until this important purpose may be effected, which we presume will be as soon as circumstances will admit. You will, however, govern yourselves with respect to time and conferences, as to you in your wisdom shall seem meet; and may God bless your endeavours for the common good.