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4 ho˙ P˙ M˙, February 10, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Pierre Van Cortlandt, Esq˙, Chairman, Colonel Brasher, Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Scott, Mr˙ Oothoudt, Mr˙ M˙ Graham, Mr˙ Sands, Colonel McDougall.

Present, also, General Woodhull, Mr˙ Hobart, Colonel Gilbert Drake

Colonel Gilbert Drake informed the Committee that sundry persons from Connecticut are purchasing up the barrelled Beef and Pork in Westchester.

Thereupon, the Committee came to the following Resolutions, to wit:

Whereas, the Continental Congress, by their Resolution of the first day of November last, have resolved that no produce of the United Colonies be exported, except from Colony to Colony, under the directions of the Committees of Inspection and Observation, and except from one part to the other of the same Colony, before the first day of March next, without the permission or order of the Continental Congress; and whereas, this Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York conceives that it is necessary to prevent the sale of all the barrelled Beef and Pork in the


County of Westchester, and retain the same for the Continental service in this Colony, as such provisions may be necessary for the Continental Army in this Colony,

Resolved, That the Committee of the County of Westchester be requested to take effectual means to prevent the sale and transportation of any barrelled Beef or Pork out of Westchester County, to any person or persons residing out of this Colony, or for the use of any person or persons residing out of this Colony, until the further order of the Provincial Congress, or of the Committee of Safety of this Colony.