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Officers of Five Companies of Militia, in the Precinct of Rhinebeck


Rhinebeck Precinct, Dutchess County, New-York, September 3, 1775.

A Return of the names of the persons elected Officers in the five Companies of Militia in the Precinct of Rhinebeck, in Dutchess County:

First Company: Simon Westfall, Captain; PeterWestfall, First Lieutenant; Wilhelmus Smith, Second Lieutenant; Abraham Wells, Ensign.

Second Company: William Radclift, Captain; Abraham T˙ Kipp, First Lieutenant; John De Witt, Second Lieutenant; Johannes Moore, Ensign.

Third Company: Martin Hoffman, Captain; Johannes Klum, First Lieutenant; Zacharias Hoffman, Jun˙, Second Lieutenant; John J˙ Heermanse, Ensign.

Fourth Company: David Van Ness, Captain; Goldthop Martin, First Lieutenant; Frederick Bender, Second Lieutenant; Cornelius Elmendorph, Ensign.

Fifth Company: Jacobus Kip, Captain; Everardus Bogardus, First Lieutenant; Jacob Tremper, Second Lieutenant; Benjamin Van Steenbergh, Ensign.

By order of the Precinct Committee: