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General Greene to General Sullivan



Prospect-Hill, September 23, 1775.

General Greene returns his compliments to General Sullivan, and begs leave to acquaint him, as he was on court-martial on Thursday, he cannot tell him how it happened that so few fatigue-men went from Prospect, compared with those from Winter-Hill. Major Bon was ordered to furnish any number General Sullivan ordered. Yesterday an equal number with the Winter-Hill Troops was ordered down; and if they did not go, it was unknown to the General. There shall be a large party of fatigue-men ordered to work to-day. I should be glad a proper detail of duty between the two Brigades might take place, and include the guards of both hills, and all the fatigue-men on duty.

General Greene hopes that General Sullivan don' t suggest, he has the least desire of screening the Troops under his command from the least part of duty equal with those under the command of General Sullivan. It is his intention to furnish upon equal terms.

N˙ B. Excuse the badness of the writing — it is so cold I cannot feel the pen.