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New-York Congress to Governour Trumbull



In Provincial Congress, New-York, August 25, 1775.

SIR: We have been honoured with your favour of the 21st instant, and are very sorry to learn the apprehensions you express that the progress of the Army may be impeded,


if not disappointed, for the want of tents. The fact is, that all the tents we had, and all the materials that could be procured, have been made up into tents and forwarded, with part of our own Troops, and General Schuyler has undoubtedly ere now disposed of them as circumstances or the necessity of the service may require. We can only add, on that subject, that we shall procure materials for more tents by every means in our power, and send them up to General Schuyler as soon as possible; but we see no probability of being able to provide, at any rate, a sufficient number for the Northern Army. If, therefore, materials can be collected in any due season, in your Government, it will promote the general service to give the necessary orders for that purpose without delay.

The precaution about the pork which you permitted Mr˙ Van Rensselaer to purchase may be a wise one; but unless proper orders are lodged at the different landings to which it may be carted, the purpose for which it is wanted may be in a great measure defeated. Permit us, therefore, to request the favour of you to give such directions as you shall judge necessary to prevent such inconveniences and disappointments.

We have the honour to remain, with much respect, Sir, your most obedient and very humble servants.

By order: P˙ V˙ B˙ LIVINGSTON, President.

To the Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Esq˙, Governour of the Colony of Connecticut.