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Samuel C. Morris appointed to have the care of the Prisoners within the State


In Council of Safety, November 15, 1776.

Present: Thos˙ Wharton, Jun˙, President, David Rittenhouse, Owen Biddle, John Bayard, Geo˙ Gray, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Joseph Blewer, Francis Gurney, Fred˙ Kuhl, Henry Keppele, Jun˙, Timothy Matlack.

John M˙ Nesbitt, Esq˙, was directed to pay the following Accounts:

Colonel Bayard, for expenses going to Chester with General Armstrong, &c˙, 57s˙, and 10s˙ for expenses going to Fort, amount £3 7s.

Samuel Wheeler, for the balance of his account for work done for Chevaux-de-frise, £441 15s˙ 5 1/2d˙, and one account, amounting to £77 7s˙ 5 1/2d˙, for work done for the Brass Cannon Foundry and Boring Mill.

John Williams and Jacob Comly, for hauling Timber for the armed Boat Delaware, £8 11s˙ 3d.

Jacob Comly, for hauling Cannon from the State-House to the commons to be proved, £17 15s.


An Order was drawn on Nesbitt, Conyngham & Co, for twenty-five Blankets, to be delivered to Colonel Gurney, for the use of Colonel Humpton' s Regiment.

Mr˙ Nesbitt to pay David Thomson £19 16s˙, for the use of his Wharf from 22d June to 26th October, is 198 days at 2s.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt, in favour of Mr˙ Robert Irwin, for £100, to be charged to his Account.

Mr˙ Nesbitt to pay Conyngham, Nesbitt & Co˙, and Maurice Rogers, £208 9s˙ 6d, for one hundred and twenty-one Blankets.

Mr˙ Towers was directed to deliver Captain William Brown 60 Pikes, 45 Cutlasses, 2,000 Musket Cartridges, 24 Priming Horns, 24 Bitts, and 84 Prickers, for the use of the Floating Battery Putnam.

Captain William Richards was directed to provide for Captain William Brown 20 stand of Irons and Handcuffs, for the Putnam Battery.

Mr˙ Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver Colonel John Bayard one hundred and seventy stand of Arms, for the use of the Second Battalion of Militia of this City, taking his receipt for the same.

Mr˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay to Levi Hollingsworth an order drawn on this Board by Stephen Ceronce, in favour of Cornelius Stevenson, for £137, Pennsylvania currency, dated St˙ Thomas, 9th June, 1776, in conformity to a resolution of the honourable Congress.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Samuel C˙ Morris be appointed to have the care of the Prisoners of War within this State, and pay them the allowance granted them by Congress.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt, in favour of Henry Miller, for £103 0s˙ 6d˙, for printing the Minutes, &c˙, of the Convention.

Resolved, That Mr˙ James Dundass, Assistant Superintendent and Paymaster for the Works at Billingsport, be allowed 2s, 6d˙ per day over and above his pay, in consideration of losses that may attend paying of moneys in such small sums as his department must necessarily require.