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Letter from Colonel Hartley to General Gates: When he wrote for a reinforcement, was not on any knight-errant scheme; did not mean to hold the ground against ten or twelve thousand men, but wished to be able to retreat with security, and to take any advantage of the casualties of war


September 8, 1776 — 17 minutes past 10 o' clock, A˙ M˙

The wind being so unfavourable yesterday and last night, has prevented either of my boats from returning. The wind has shifted. I expect every moment the arrival of one or other, when I shall immediately send the news to you. The guns were heard about twelve miles down the Lake, from about sunrise till eleven o' clock, on the 6th instant.

As you might wonder why you had not heard from here sooner, I now send this letter. Mr˙ Burrows presents his compliments to you.

I am, sir, with the greatest respect, your most humble servant,


To Major-General Gates.