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Westmoreland County (Virginia) Committee



At a Meeting of the Freeholders, after due notice, at Westmoreland Court House, on Tuesday, the 31st day of January, 1775, Richard Henry Lee and Richard Lee, Esquires, were unanimously chosen Delegates to represent this County in Colony Convention, at the Town of Richmond, in Henrico County, on the 20th day of March next.

After they were chosen, the following Instructions were publickly read to them by the desire of the people:

To Richard Henry Lee and Richard Lee, Esquires:

The Freeholders of Westmoreland County having often experienced your fidelity, abilities, and firm attachment to the cause of liberty, have now appointed you to represent them in a Colony Convention, proposed to be held at the Town of Richmond, on the 20th of March next; and as we are convinced, from the maturest deliberation, that the safety and happiness of North America depend on the united


wisdom of its Councils, we have no doubt you will comply, on your parts, with the recommendation of the late Continental Congress, to appoint Deputies from this Colony to meet in Philadelphia on the 10th day of May next, unless the redress of American Grievances be obtained before that time; and as it is our firm determination to stand or fall with the liberties of our country, we desire that you may consider the people of Westmoreland as ready and willing to join with their countrymen in the execution of such measures as may appear to the majority of their Deputies assembled at Richmond, wise and necessary to secure and perpetuate the ancient, just, and legal rights of this Colony and of British America.

At the same time and place the following gentlemen were chosen a Committee to see the Association faithfully observed in this County, according to the direction of the Continental Congress: the Reverend Mr˙ Thomas Smith, Philip Smith, Richard Henry Lee, John Augustin Washington, John Turberviile, Daniel M' Carty, William Pierce, Joseph Pierce, Thomas Chilton, William Bernard, Richard Parker, Beckwith Butler, Fleet Cox, Daniel Tebbs, George Steptoe, John Ashton, William Nelson, Richard Bucknor, Burdett Ashton, Benedict Middleton, George Turberville, John Middleton, William Bankhead, John Martin, Joseph Fox, John Ashton, Jun˙, Samuel Rust, William Berryman, James Davenport, Woffendel Kendel, Daniel Fitzhugh, Benjamin Weeks, Richard Lee, Thomas Fisher, and Edward Sanford.