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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Committee met at their Chamber, April 24, 1775:

Present: John Smith, Chairman, Robert Alexander, John Moale, William Buchanan, William Spear, James Sterrott, Benjamin Nicholson, Benjamin Levy, A˙ Vanbibber, Hercules Courtenay, Isaac Vanbibber, James Calhoun, S˙ C˙ Davy, John Boyd, Clerk, Captain Henderson, Thomas Harrison, Mark Alexander.

Captain Woolsey, of the Schooner Industry, from Antigua, appeared before the Committee, and having read and taken the Oath, declared that he had riot imported any articles forbid by the same, and subscribed his name.

Captain William Barron, of the Ship Peggy, from Lisbon, appeared, and reported on oath, and subscribed the same, that he has imported nothing forbid by the Continental Congress.

Captain T˙ Torbelt, of the Schooner Triton, from St˙ Croix, appeared, and declared, on oath, the same, and subscribed.

Captain John Hyde, of Snow Hope, from Poole, appeared, took the Oath, and subscribed.

Captain John Smith, of the Brig James, from Cork, did the same.

Captain Purnell Johnstone, of the Schooner Tommy, from St˙ Croix, reported, swore, and subscribed the necessary Oath.