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Address Reported, Amended, and Agreed to


Wednesday, January 25, 1775.

The House met: Present, Peter Kemble, David Ogden, Esquires, the Earl of Stirling, John Stevens, James Parker, Esquires, the Chief Justice, Richard Stockton, Daniel Coxe, John Lawrence, and Francis Hopkinson, Esquires.

The engrossed Address to his Excellency being read and compared, was approved by the House.


Ordered, That the Speaker do sign the same.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Coxe and Mr˙ Hopkinson wait upon his Excellency, and request to know when he will be pleased to receive the Address of the House.

Mr˙ Coxe reported that Mr˙ Hopkinson and himself had obeyed the order of the House, and that his Excellency was pleased to say the House should hear from him.