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Answer of the Committee to the Volunteers: the report is without foundation


On Saturday he returned with the following Answer from the Committee:

To the Officers of the Volunteer Companies in WILLIAMSBURGH.

GENTLEMEN: We are happy in every expression of your attachment to the common interest of your Country, and are glad we can inform you there is not the least foundation for the fears you have declared for our safety, upon an ill-grounded report, that any among us are deserting the cause of their Country, and enlisting against it. It is a report, we can assure you, that is totally devoid of truth. You may depend, we would not sit still as indifferent spectators of such hostile measures. The time may come, when we may stand in need of your assistance, surrounded as we are by armed vessels and some suspected inhabitants; we trust we shall then receive it; and should the Convention, hereafter, think it necessary to quarter any of you among us, you may rest assured we shall welcome you with willing hearts and open arms.

We are, Gentlemen, your humble servants. By order of the Committee: