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Petition from the Committee for Beverly, Massachusetts, to General Washington


Beverly, December 11, 1775.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR EXCELLENCY: The petition of us, the subscribers, humbly showeth: That as the high hand of Ministerial cruelty hath brought us into a most unnatural war with our mother country, by which means the town of Beverly is much exposed to their most unnatural, savage like cruelty, (the town lying more than four miles on the sea-coast, and a great part of that way convenient for landing,) the inhabitants of this town, with the assistance of some of the neighbouring towns, have thrown up breast works in several of the most advantageous places within the same, and have no cannon or ammunition, or next akin to none, to support them with. And what renders us more obnoxious to their most unnatural cruelty and vengeance is, that the Continental privateers, and others, make this harbour their place of rendezvous, and have of late brought into this harbour a number of very valuable prizes, which we think are very much exposed to the enemy, as also, the town in general. Therefore, your petitioners humbly pray that your Excellency would be graciously pleased to give us some relief under our most difficult and distressed circumstances, and let us have, if you in your wisdom think best, two nine-pounders, or one twelve-pounder, with a suitable quantity of ammunition for the same; and those two six-pounders and a half barrel of powder, and about twenty balls, on board of the ship Jenny, and those two


small pieces of cannon brought in on board the brig Hannah, together with a half barrel of powder said to be on board, (which vessels were brought into this harbour by Captain Manly,) and also for some shot for the abovesaid small cannon, which will, we think, contribute much to the safety of the interest of the United Colonies, as also of this town in particular, and will be gratefully received by your most humble and obedient servants,


Committee of Correspondence of Beverly,

To his Excellency General Washington.