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Affidavit of Zephaniah Cole and Upham Luther


Swanzey, August 18, 1775.

We, the deponents, of lawful age, do testify and say, that at a Town meeting called in order to raise a Company of Minute-Men, to be ready to march on any emergency, soon after the battle at Bunker' s Hill, Jerathmeel Bowers, Esq˙, appeared very fierce against raising said Company, and said there were no men wanted, for there were more men there than they knew what to do with, and that it was not expected that Swanzey should raise any; and after


a long debate with him it was voted to raise said Company. Afterwards said Bowers made a speech to the people against their proceedings, telling them how costly it would be, and how hard it would be on the Town to pay the cost; that the learning the exercise would do them no good, and also that it hurt our cause, and earnestly moved to the Moderator to call a vote to dismiss said Committee; and after a dispute the vote was called, and the Committee was dismissed by one or two majority. Then a motion being made and seconded, to settle the military in said Town, and for more cash to be paid for learning the exercise, said Bowers appeared very much against doing any thing about it, saying that they had better be easy; that money was the sinews of war, and if they voted for money to be paid, so it should be by the rate-street, for his estate should not pay one penny of the cost. Then a motion was made, if there was no need of men nor money for our defence, there was no need of a Committee; and it was moved and seconded by said Bowers, that the Committee be dismissed; they were accordingly.

The above is according to our best remembrances.


BRISTOL, ss˙, WARREN, August 18, 1775:

Zephaniah Cole and Upham Luther, the within-named persons, personally appeared, and being duly cautioned to testify the truth, made solemn oath to the truth of the within deposition subscribed by them.

Before me: JOHN KINNICUT, Justice Peace.