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Reply of the Council to Lord Dunmore and His Reply

Virginia Council


To his Excellency the Right Honorable JOHN Earl of DUNMORE, his Majesty' s Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of VIRGINIA, and Vice Admiral of the same:

The humble Address of the COUNCIL.

MY LORD: We his Majesty' s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Council of Virginia, now met in General Assembly, beg leave to return your Excellency our most cordial thanks for your Speech at the opening of this session; and to acknowledge that your Lordship, as well upon this as every other occasion, since the commencement of your administration, hath consulted the ease and convenience of the people committed to your care.

To promote the service of his Majesty, and to advance the interest of our country, ever have been the first objects of our wishes. Actuated by these motives, we will concur with the House of Burgesses in framing such laws as shall be for the welfare and true interest of this Colony; and with that despatch the importance of the subjects will admit of.

Permit us to take this opportunity of congratulating your Excellency on the safe arrival of the Countess of Dunmore, and your family in this country; an event, which while it adds greatly to your Lordship' s domestic felicity, gives us a pleasing earnest of your intention of continuing among us.

His Excellency' s Answer

To which his EXCELLENCY was pleased to return the following Answer:

GENTLEMEN OF THE COUNCIL: The faithful and united assistance which I have constantly received of you, fully convinces me of your zeal for his Majesty' s service as well as of your firm regard to the interests of your country; and makes this fresh declaration of both extremely grateful to me, as it must be likewise to your Sovereign and country.

I thank you very heartily for your kind congratulation upon the arrival of my family, the happiness of which will increase to me as it proves more agreeable to you from whom I have received every mark of regard and attention.