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Proceedings of the Connecticut Committee of Safety


Saturday, February 3, 1776.

Met according to adjournment — Present, as yesterday, except the Deputy-Governour, gone to Litchfield Court, and Esquire West, not come.


Moved by the Governour, by motion to him from Governour Griswold, that some encouragement should be given, to enable Mr˙ Bushnell to pay expenses incurred in preparing his Machine for the design projected, &c˙, and to carry forward the plan, &c˙, &c˙, it appearing to be a work of great ingenuity, &c˙, &c. A prospect that it may be attended with success, and being undertaken merely to serve the publick, and of considerable expense and labour, &c. It is thought reasonable that something should be done, &c.

Voted, and Ordered, That the Treasurer pay and deliver to his Honour the Deputy-Governour, the sum of sixty Pounds, to be by him improved for the use of the Colony and publick, according to instructions from, this Board. (N˙ B. Order drawn 25th May, 1776; delivered Deputy-Governour at Hartford.)

Voted, and Ordered, That the Committee of Pay-Table draw on the Treasurer in favour of Colonel Elderkin, for the sum of one hundred Pounds, to enable him to do the necessary to forward the Works to be done at the Furnace, at Salisbury, whither he is going by order, to prepare said Furnace for the casting of Cannon, &c.

(It is done, and the Governour lent him the Money, and his order endorsed.)

Passed an Account of Captain Harding, for service in going round the Sea-Coast to see about buying or building a Ship for defence, amp;cdot;, at six Shillings per day, and expenses, two Pounds seventeen Shillings.

Appointed the Rev˙ Mr˙ Perry Chaplain for Colonel Wolcott' s Regiment.