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New draught of a Bill for annulling Commissions


The new draught of a Bill for annulling the Commissions of the Civil and Military Officers in the Colony, brought down from the honourable Board in the forenoon, was read, and concurred, with amendments.

Ordered, That to-morrow morning, eight o' clock, be assigned to take into consideration the Contract made by the Committee of Supplies with certain persons, for Beef for the Army; and that the Committee of Supplies be notified to attend at that time.

A Petition of the several Committees of the Townships of Gouldsborough, Narraguagus, Number-Four, and Pleasant River, relative to the distressed situation of those Towns, &c˙, was read, and committed to Major Hodges, Mr˙ Howard, and Major Brooks.

The Committee appointed to consider at what rates Teamsters should transport the Poor of Boston and Charlestown, and their effects, reported. The Report was read, and accepted, and thereupon,

Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the publick Treasury unto the Teamsters, or such person or persons as shall transport or carry any of the Poor of the Town of Boston, and also of Charlestown, and their effects, to any place whatsoever, agreeable to the orders of the late Congress, after the rates following, viz: For every person upwards of eighteen years of age, who is unable to travel, after the rate of three Pence a mile; for every person from twelve to eighteen years of age, who is unable to travel, after the rate of two Pence a mile; and for every person under the age of twelve years, who is unable to travel, one Penny a mile; and that there be allowed and paid for transporting the goods and effects of all such poor persons after the rate of one Shilling per ton a mile; and that the honourable the Council be desired to give orders


on the Treasury to the several persons that have been, or shall be employed in that service, for their respective demands, after the rates aforesaid, they producing certificates agreeable to the Resolves or Order of Congress.

In Council, August 11, 1775: Read and concurred.

Then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, eight o' clock.