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A Conference Held at Watertown, in the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay


A Conference held at WATERTOWN, in the Colony of MASSACHUSETTS BAY, between the Honourable the Council of the said Colony in behalf of the said Colony and of all the UNITED COLONIES, on the one part, and the Delegates of the ST˙ JOHN' S and MICKMAC Tribes of INDIANS in NOVA SCOTIA, on the other part.

In Council, Wednesday, July 10, 1776.

The honourable Board being informed that Major Shaw was desirous of speaking to them on business of importance, he was admitted into the Council Chamber; when he acquainted their Honours that a number of Indians of the St˙ John' s and Mickmac Tribes, in Nova Scotia, were come to town to see and talk with the Council and General Washington, from both of whom they had received letters; and that at the earnest request of the said Indians he had accompanied them, having brought them in his sloop from Machias to Salem, from whence they rode hither in carriages which were provided for them.

Major Shaw was desired to introduce them; which he did. After salutations, and they being seated and welcomed, the Honourable James Bowdoin, Esq˙, as President of the Council, was desired to manage the Conferences with them.

PRESIDENT. What Tribes do you belong to and represent?

INDIANS. The St˙ John' s and Mickmac.

PRESIDENT. We should be glad to know your names, and to what villages you belong?

INDIANS. We will answer, each one for himself:



MATTAHC ONTRANE, NICHOLAS: Of Merimichi and Rechbucto Mickmacs.

JOHN BATTIS: Of Beausejour, in Cumberland, a Mickmac.

PETER ANDRÉ : Of Le Heve, a Mickmac.


PRESIDENT. What number of men is there in your several villages? Let each answer with respect to his own village only.

AMBROSE VAR. There are sixty men belonging to the St˙ John' s Tribe.

JOSEPH. There are sixty at my village, Windsor.

MATTAHU. In my village are eighty men.

JOHN BATTIS. In the village at Cumberland are forty men.

PETER ANDRÉ. There are fifty men at Le Heve.

SEBATTIS. At Gaspee are fifty strong men.

PRESIDENT. Are there any more villages of Indians in Nova Scotia?

INDIANS. There are six more villages of Mickmacs, but we do not know what number of men they have.

PRESIDENT. As you want refreshment, we will defer hearing what you have to say to us; and we will let you know when we are ready to hear you. We have ordered good lodgings and entertainment to be provided for you; and Major Shaw will take care that the order be complied with.

Wine being brought, the President drank their health, and the health of the St˙ John' s and Mickmac Tribes; which was returned by the Indians drinking the health of the Council.

They then retired with Major Shaw.