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Settlement of the rank of the Officers of the Regular Troops and Militia of the Colony


In Congress, Tuesday, November 21, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment. And the Journal of yesterday was read.


Ordered, That the consideration of the Report of the Committee on the state of the Colony, respecting the Militia, be resumed and proceeded in.

And the same being gone through, the Congress came to the several Resolutions following:

Resolved, That the Commissioned Officers of the Colony Regular Troops take precedence of Officers of equal degree in the Militia, without regard to prior dates of commissions in the latter, Provided, nevertheless, That a Second Lieutenant in the Regulars shall be subordinate to a First Lieutenant in the Militia, and so on in gradation in the Regulars and Militia respectively. That the precedency in the regular forces be according to the number and denomination of the Regiments of Infantry and Rangers; and the Regiment of Artillery according to the custom of the British Army. That all corps of Regulars take precedence of all corps of Militia. And that the Regiments of Militia shall take precedence in the following manner: Berkley County, Charlestown, Granville County, Colleton County, Craven County, the lower part, Orangeburgh, Craven County, the upper part, Camden, Ninety-Six north of the Fish-dam Ford and between Enoree, Broad and Saludy Rivers, the New Acquisition south of the Fish-dam Ford, and between Brand and Saludy Rivers north of Enoree, and between Broad and Saludy Rivers.

Resolved, That the Militia be not drawn out to act with the Regulars in the pay of this Colony, but on the most urgent occasions; and whenever that happens, in case any officers should be wanting to fill up the Regiments or Companies of Militia, including the volunteer companies, the same shall be made up by their own officers according to seniority of commissions; subject nevertheless to the control of the Congress or Council of Safety for the time being, in case any officer or officers shall succeed to commissions by seniority, whom they or either of them shall deem improper to be commissioned.

Resolved, That in all cases of default, neglect of duty, or disobedience of orders, the Militia officers and privates shall be tried, adjudged and determined according to the Militia law only, whether they are acting in conjunction with the Regulars or otherwise.

Resolved, That every Captain or other commanding Officer of a Company, shall assemble, muster, train and exercise his Company once in every fortnight, under a penalty of twenty-five Pounds currency for every default.

Resolved, That every person liable to bear arms shall appear completely armed, once in every fortnight, on the day and at the place appointed by his Captain for the exercising his company; the privates under a penalty not exceeding three Pounds current money, and the officers under the penalty of twenty-five Pounds, for every default.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Colonels of the different Regiments of the Militia, where the districts of any of the Companies in their respective Regiments are too large for the Company conveniently to assemble in one place, that they do order the Captains of such Companies to appoint two or three places in their respective districts for the Company to muster at in divisions.

Resolved, That there be no more Volunteer Troops of Horse formed.

Resolved, That in future no person be allowed to enter himself into a Volunteer Company out of the districts of the Regiment to which he belongs.

It was moved and seconded, That an immediate draft of five hundred Militia from the country Regiments be ordered to rendezvous at some place near and convenient to and for the defence of Charlestown, in case that place should be attacked.

A debate ensued; and the question being put,
It was passed in the negative.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President do write to the several Colonels of the Militia throughout the Colony, that they do forthwith proceed to draft one-third of their respective Regiments, including Volunteer Companies, and hold them in constant readiness to march at a minute' s warning, according to the order of Congress or the Council of Safety for the time being; and that they do also, with all possible despatch, return to the said Congress or Council, the


names of the persons so drafted and ordered to be held in readiness.

Upon an application for a sum of Money to be employed in the recruiting service for the Regiment of Artillery,

Ordered, That Mr˙ President do issue his Warrant for three thousand Pounds for that service.

And two Warrants were issued accordingly.