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Voted, That the Hampshire Companies, now at Medford, if enlisted into this Colony' s service, under Colonel Stark or Colonel Sargeant, and properly equipped, shall be provided with barracks; those of them, if any, who are not, and do not choose to be enlisted, and are not equipped, are to be furnished with provisions for their return.

Voted, That Captain John Walker of Worcester, who came down to this Committee for liberty to go into Boston, upon the Proclamation issued by Congress, be apprehended, and confined as a prisoner of war, he being a half pay officer, and under the orders of General Gage, and so not included in said Proclamation.

Upon a motion made, the question was put, whether Colonel Phipps be permitted to have a Cow, Calf, and a load of Hay, go into the Town, of Boston: passed in the negative.

Voted, That Captain Naler Hatch, with the Malden Company, be assigned to Colonel Gardner' s Regiment; but they are to remain in Malden until the special order of Colonel Gardner shall be received for their attendance elsewhere.

Voted, That nine Indians, of Colonel Porter' s Regiment, have liberty to return home, and that the Commissary-General be directed_ to furnish them with six days' Provisions for that purpose, the same having been recommended by the Council of War.