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Sixth Continental Battalion to be raised in North-Carolina, Secret Committee directed to procure and forward twelve Field-Pieces and three tons of Powder to North-Carolina, Field-Officers of the six Continental Battalions in North-Carolina elected, Twenty of the heaviest Cannon taken by Commodore Hopkins, at New-Providence, to be delivered to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania


Tuesday, May 7, 1776.

Sundry Letters being received, were laid before Congress, and read, viz:

One of the 5th of April, from General Washington;

One of the 14th, from John G˙ Frazer, enclosing a list of the Vessels, Cannon, and Ordnance Stores, left by the enemy at Boston;

One from sundry Prisoners at Hartford, in Connecticut, dated 21st March;

One from L˙ F˙, of St˙ Eustatia, dated 5th of April.

Resolved, That the said Letters be referred to a Committee of three.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ S˙ Adams, Mr˙ Braxton, and Mr˙ Duane.

A Petition from John Bayard, P˙ Moore, and John Patton, was presented to Congress, and read.

Whereupon, Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to sell to the Petitioners six hundred pounds of Powder, for the use of the Privateers they are fitting out.

Resolved, That 100 Dollars be paid by the Treasurers to Monsieur Giason, a Canadian prisoner, upon his giving a bill upon his friend at Montreal for the like sum, payable on demand.

The Congress took into consideration the Report of the Committee on the Papers laid before Congress by the Delegates of North-Carolina:

Whereupon, Resolved, That another Battalion raised in North-Carolina, in addition to the five Battalions already ordered for the defence of that Colony, be taken into the pay and service of the United Colonies.

That a Deputy Quartermaster-General be appointed for the Southern Department, to be employed in North-Carolina.

That the Secret Committee be directed to procure and forward twelve Fieldpieces for the use of the Troops in North-Carolina.

That the Secret Committee be directed to forward three tons of Gunpowder for the defence of said Colony.

That the Committee on Qualifications be directed to purchase, and forward to North-Carolina, a Chest of Medicines and Instruments, equal in value to one of those furnished by the Pennsylvania Battalions, for each of the six Battalions raised in the Colony of North-Carolina.

Congress proceeded to the election of a Deputy Quartermaster-General for the Southern Department; and the ballots being taken, Nicholas Long, Esq˙, was elected.

Resolved, That Nicholas Long, Esq˙, have the rank of a Colonel in the Continental Army.

The Convention of North-Carolina having recommended sundry gentlemen for Field-Officers of the six Battalions raised in that Colony, Congress proceeded to a choice, and the following gentlemen were elected:

Francis Nash, Esq˙, Colonel, Thomas Clarice, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel, William Davis, Esq˙, Major, of the First Battalion.


Alexander Martin, Esq˙, Colonel, John Patton, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel, John White, Esq˙, Major, of the Second Battalion.

Jethro Sumner, Esq˙, Colonel, William Alston, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, Samuel Lockart, Esq˙, Major, of the Third Battalion.

Thomas Polk, Esq˙, Colonel, James Thackston, Esquire, Lieutenant-Colonel, William Davidson, Esq˙, Major, of the Fourth Battalion.

Edward Buncombe, Esq˙, Colonel, Henry Irwin, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel, Levi Dawson, Esquire, Major, of the Fifth Battalion.

Alexander Lillington, Esq˙, Colonel, William Taylor, Esq˙, Lieutenant-Colonel, Gideon Lamb, Esq˙, Major, of the Sixth Battalion.

Resolved, That the Letter received yesterday from General Lee be referred to the Committee to whom were referred the Letters received this morning.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed to purchase Stockings for the Troops in Canada, be directed to apply to the General Assemblies of Massachusetts-Bay and Connecticut, and request them to assist in procuring said Stockings.

The Congress took into consideration the Memorial from the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania:

Whereupon, Resolved, That twenty of the heaviest Cannon, taken by Commodore Hopkins at New-Providence, and brought from thence to New-London, and since carried to Newport, be brought to the City of Philadelphia, and delivered to the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, for the defence and protection of said City; to remain there during the pleasure of Congress.

William Peachy, Esq˙, Colonel of the Fifth Virginia Battalion, having resigned, the Congress proceeded to elect a gentleman to supply his place; and, the ballots being taken, Charles Scott, Esquire, was elected; and Alexander Spotswood was elected Lieutenant-Colonel of the Second Battalion, in the room of Colonel Charles Scott, promoted.

Resolved, That such of the iron Cannon as were brought from Ticonderoga to Boston, and have not been removed by General Washington, be lent for the defence of the Town and Harbour of Boston, to remain there during the pleasure of Congress.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.