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Connecticut Council of Safety



At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety of Connecticut, December 13th, 1776 —

Present: His Honour the Governour, Eliphalet Dyer, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, William Hillhouse, Nathaniel Wales, Jun˙, Thomas Seymour, Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

Voted, That a Letter of Credit for £500, be drawn on Messrs˙ Rapalje and Miles Sherbrook, of the State of New-York, in favour of Major Levi Wells, for the use of the Connecticut troops in captivity in New-York, to be by Major Wells paid out as wages among said captives, at his discretion, as their necessities require, and to take their receipts, and keep his account thereof, and lay the same before the Paymasters of the several regiments to which they belong. (Letter of Credit delivered Major Wells, December 13th, 1776.)

Voted. To refer a number of Sick bills from New-Haven Selectmen to the Committee of Pay-Table for adjustment, and to draw for what is due thereon.

Voted, To draw on the Pay-Table for £12 10s˙, in favour of Mr˙ Hezekiah Sabin, of New-Haven, for his expense in mounting a Field-Piece for publick use. — (Order delivered Timo˙ Jones, Jun˙, December 13th, 1776.)

Voted; To refer the liquidation of the Accounts of Captain Jehial Tinker, of the row-galley Crane; the Accounts of Mr˙ James Rice, for the row-galley Whiting; the Accounts of cost of Gaol yard at Hartford, and Lynde Lord' s Account for mustering Soldiers, to the Committee of Pay-Table.

On application to this Board, by Mr˙ Timothy Jones, Jun˙, and Colonel Thompson, a Committee from New-Haven, &c˙:

Ordered, That the six Field-Pieces left at New-Haven by the Minerva, be properly fitted up and furnished with suitable field-carriages at the expense of the Stale, provided said carriages be well and properly made, at a reasonable price, not exceeding £10 for each; and that the sum of £12 10s˙ be paid Captain Sabin, of New-Haven, for the carriage and apparatus to a Field-Piece which he has lately procured to be done there, and that the same be for the use of this State. — (N˙ B. There is a vote and order drawn on the preceding leaf for the sum of £12 10s˙, above-mentioned.)

Whereas by an act of the General Assembly at New-Haven, at their session in October last, among other things, it is provided, that the Militia of said town of New-Haven hold themselves equipped and in constant readiness to defend said town, and not be liable to be removed:

Resolved, That Colonel Thompson take the most effectual care that the Militia of said town be every way equipped and accoutred, and in constant readiness, according to the true intent and design of said act. — (Order delivered Colonel Thompson, December 13th, 1776.)

Voted, That Nathaniel Shaw, Jun˙, Esq˙, be, and he is hereby, empowered and instructed to propose and negotiate


an exchange of the following prisoners, taken on board the ship John, the ship Clarendon, and ship Sally, brought into this Slate, for prisoners of equal rank and degree, as near as may be, to wit: Captain Dunbar, of the ship John; James Watta, passenger on board; Captain Jackson, of the ship Sally; John Wright, Surgeon, Captain John Deniston, of the ship Clarendon; Peter Hunter, passenger on board do˙; Daniel Crawford, Mate, Thomas Moore, Boatswain, James Deniston, a boy, Murdoch Me Cloud, a sailor, and divers others whose names are unknown. And that he take their parole not to give any intelligence, act, or do any thing against the United Stales of America; and in case such exchange cannot be effected, that they return immediately to this State again. — (Copy delivered Captain Jackson, December 13th, 1776)