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Portsmouth (New-Hampshire) Committee



The Committee for carrying the Association recommended by the Continental Congress, into execution, have taken under their serious consideration the practice, of Gaming, more especially that at Cards and Billiards, which there is great reason to think still prevails in this Town; they therefore do earnestly recommend it to all those who furnish the accommodations for these purposes, to discontinue their unjustifiable proceedings at this time, when all the Colonies are involved in deep distress and danger; otherwise they may depend upon seeing their names in the publick Papers, as recommended in the Association.

The Committee do likewise recommend it to the Merchants and Traders in this Town, who are dealing in European Goods, that they do not take any advantage of the times, by raising the price of Goods, lest they be found violating the Grand American Association, and of course deemed and treated as inimical to the glorious cause, so zealously espoused by every true friend to the just rights of mankind.

H˙ WENTWORTH, Chairman.

Portsmouth, February 10, 1775.