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Town Meeting, Providence, Rhode-Island



At a Town-meeting called by warrant and holden in Providence, on the thirty-first day of July, A˙ D˙ 1775, the Hon˙ Nicholas Cooke, Esquire, Moderator:

Voted, That there be an Intrenchment and Breastwork hove up between Field' s Point and Sassafras Point, sufficient to cover such a body of men as may be ordered there on emergency; that there be a Battery of six eighteen-pounders erected at Fox Hill; that there be four cannon mounted as field-pieces by the Committee hereinafter-named; that the same Committee draw up Rules for regulating the Battery; that Captain Nicholas Power be appointed to build the Battery and Breastwork aforesaid, and that he advise and consult with Captain Errick Hopkins, Ambrose Page, Esquire, Captain John Updike, Mr˙ Samuel Nightingale, Jun˙, Captain William Earle, and Captain Simon Smith, who are appointed a Committee for that purpose, on the manner of building the aforesaid works, and that he proceed on the same immediately; that there be a foot Bridge built over the Creek that leads to Fox Point; that the Committee aforesaid apply to the proprietors of the lands to get liberty to build the Batteries at Fox Hill, &c˙; that Captain Power draw on the Town Treasury for defraying the expense of the aforesaid works, until the same shall be reimbursed by the Continental Congress, and if there is not money sufficient in the Treasury to answer Captain Power' s orders, he shall be allowed interest for the same till paid; that his Honour the Deputy-Governour be requested to represent the whole of this matter to the Continental Congress requesting that they would be pleased to reimburse the Town the expenses they may be at in erecting those temporary though necessary works of defence.

Voted, That the Committee appointed at the last meeting to erect a Beacon, be also requested to build a House for the materials for the Beacon.

Voted, That this meeting be adjourned to Saturday next, at four o' clock, P˙ M.