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Meeting of the Governour and Committee of War for Connecticut


Tuesday, June 20, 1775.

Met according to adjournment.

An Order subjecting our Officers and Soldiers to the command of the Massachusetts Commander-in-Chief, during their continuance in that Province, or until further orders, was read and agreed to.

A Letter to General Ward, informing him thereof, and enclosing a copy of said Order, read and approved.

A Letter to Deputy Governour Cook, of Rhode-Island, informing him of the same, and moving him to do the same respecting the Troops of that Colony, read and approved.

A Letter to the New-Hampshire Congress of the like tenour, and for the same purpose, also read and approved.

A Letter to General Spencer enclosing a copy of said order of subordination, &c˙, read and approved.

And another to the same purpose, and copy to General Putnam.

An order to General Wooster, to send two of his Companies to New-London, and march with the remaining seven, and all Colonel Waterbury' s Regiment, to within five miles of New-York, and be under the direction of the General and Provincial Congresses, till further orders, read and approved.

A Letter to said General Wooster, enclosing said orders, &c˙, prepared, read, and approved.

A Letter to our Delegates at Congress, prepared, passed, &c.

Voted, That his Honour be desired to send to Hartford, and order the Powder which was coming from New-York, and stopped at Stanford, if not come forward, to be sent for and forwarded immediately to the Army near Boston.

And then adjourned without day.