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Commissions Ordered for the Officers in the First Regiment of Militia


Colonel William Williams, one of the Deputies from Cumberland County, delivered in a List, Certificate, and Return of the Militia Officers of the First Regiment of Cumberland County, from the rank of Major downward. The said Return is dated the 6th February, 1776, and signed by Benjamin Carpenter, Chairman of the County Committee, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Committee of Safety for the County of Cumberland,
"Guilford, February 6, 1776.

"In compliance to your order to us directed, dated January the 4th, and good instructions for order and peace, together with the regulations of the Militia, and by order of this Committee, we here send you the list of all the officers that are returned at this time; and they are as follows, to wit:

"At a legal meeting, the town of Guilford chose Mr˙ Stephen Shepardson Captain, David Stowel First Lieutenant, Timothy Root Second Lieutenant, and Dillington Johnson Ensign.

"At a legal meeting, the town of Brattleborough chose John Sergeant Captain, Oliver Cook First Lieutenant, Timothy Church Second Lieutenant, and John Alexander Ensign.

"At a legal meeting, the town of Putney chose Abijah Moores Captain, Daniel Jewet First Lieutenant, Ephraim Clay Second Lieutenant, and Ephraim Pierce Ensign.

"At a legal meeting, the town of Fulham chose Jonathan Knight Captain, Josiah Boyden First Lieutenant, Daniel Kartheen Second Lieutenant, and Shepherd Gates, Ensign.

"At a legal meeting, the town of Westminster chose John Avrell Captain, Jabez Deny First Lieutenant, Azariah Wright Second Lieutenant, and William Crook, Ensign.

"At a legal meeting, the town of Halifax chose David Rich Captain, Benjamin Henry First Lieutenant, Robert Patterson Second Lieutenant, and Edward Harris Ensign.

"And is signed:


"To the Honourable the Provincial Congress, and the delegated powers thereof."

The said Committee! mention that the rest of the Towns have not made returns to them, and request that Major William Williams may be entrusted with blank Commissions to fill up for officers in the scattered Towns in the wilderness.

Ordered, That Commissions issue for those gentlemen, according to said Return.