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Adonijah Strong to the Albany Committee



Albany, June 15, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I beg leave to lay before this Board my information and request concerning the troops raised in and


for the Colony of Connecticut, for the special defence of the same.

In the first place, it is provided by the said Colony, that each officer and soldier (among other things) shall have fresh meat two days in a week, butter, peas or beans, rice, mm when on fatigue, beer, &c˙, expecting said troops would be required at, or near by Boston, where it would have been easy and convenient for us to have supplied them according to said act.

In the next place, the ever to be revered patrons of America (the Continental Congress) have directed one thousand of our troops immediately to repair to Ticonderoga, there to be stationed until such time as they should be relieved by forces from this Province — just at a time after many of them were on their march according to their first destination, Greenwich, and had to countermarch through our Colony, and directly to Ticonderoga, and by means of so tedious a march have already become somewhat sickly. And as the Continental Congress have advised this Province particularly to provide for said forces at Ticonderoga during their stay, our Colony have, perhaps, been the more remiss in their provisions; and it does not appear to me that there is sauce sufficient, nor any fresh meat, butter, rum, beer, &c˙, nor have I had intelligence that any is likely to be provided by this Province. Therefore, I come before this Board for advice in the premises; at the same time giving assurance that the publick faith of our Colony must not be violated, but it must be fulfilled according to the encouragement given by our Colony. Though pledged to soldiers, yet it is to those in defence of what we tenaciously hold as sacred, and to be prized above life. We therefore determine to have it fulfilled according to the Act of our Assembly — if not by this Province, by our Colony.

I am, gentlemen, with great esteem, your very humble servant,

Dep˙ Commissary for said Troops.

To the Committee in and for the City and County of Albany.