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Application from Colonel Curtenius


A Letter from Colonel Curtenius, on the subject of a demand of the Hospital stores in his custody, and sundry other matters, were read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"February 24, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: Agreeable to your orders, I desired Mr˙ Hughes to show me by what authority he demanded the stores taken out of the lower Barracks; upon which he showed me a recommendation in his favour from the Congress of this Province to the Continental Congress; which I thought was not a sufficient authority for me to deliver up the stores. Since which he has been at my house, and told me that, if I would not deliver them to him, the General would send a file of soldiers to take them. I should be glad to know how to act, the General being impatient to have an answer.

"Enclosed are three accounts for rations due to Captains Hulbert, Griffin, Grenell, and their officers, amounting to


one hundred and seventy-nine pounds and seven shillings; which sum they demand of me. Please to let me know whether I must pay them. The rations are rather charged under than over the, mark. Lieutenant Marvin also delivered me a Doctor' s bill, amounting to thirty-two shillings, which was for medicines administered to him while he lay at the east end of Long-Island, where there was no Regimental Surgeon. I have purchased three thousand bushels of salt, out of the Ship Lady Gage, to go up to Albany. Should be glad to have the advice of Congress how to get it out of the Kills.

"Please return the accounts by the Secretary.
"I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,