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Conference, at Colonel Croghan' s


May 3. A meeting held at Colonel Croghan' s house, at which was present, Captain Conolly, the Commandant of the militia, and several inhabitants of Pittsburgh, with Goyasutha, the White Mingo, and a deputation of the Six Nation Indians, who were here upon their way with Speeches from Sir William Johnson to the Hurons and Wabash Confederacy.

"BRETHREN: We are sorry to inform you that we have


lately received accounts of some outrages being committed upon several of your people going down the Ohio, by some ill disposed white persons settled upon it; and we take the earliest opportunity of making you acquainted with what we have heard, in order to convince you that we discountenance so barbarous a breach of friendship with you, and we can assure you that it has not been done with the intent or knowledge of `Government, and we make no doubt your brother, the Governour of Virginia, when he becomes fully acquainted with the circumstances of the unhappy loss you have sustained in so many of your people, that he and his wise men will fall upon the most salutary measures of doing you every justice that can be expected. In the mean time we have to recommend to you, in the most earnest manner, your affording every assistance in your power to accommodate this unfortunate breach which has happened, as you must be sensible that a general war between us must be attended with the greatest calamity on both sides." (A belt of wampum.)

After some time they returned for Answer:

"BRETHREN: (the English.) We have considered what you have said to us, and as the Chiefs of the Delawares are expected in this night, or to-morrow, we will consult with them, and then know what reply to make. But you may depend upon it, that we shall do every thing in empower to keep things quiet, which we make no doubt can be done, from the general peaceable disposition of our own people, provided you will be strong upon your parts, in preventing your rash people from commencing any further hostilities upon the Indians." (A string of wampum.)