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Letter from Major Henry Livingston


A Letter from Major Henry Livingston, Jun˙, of the 21st instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following:

"Poughkeepsie, August 21, 1775.

"SIR: I am desired by Colonel Clinton to inform the honourable the Provincial Congress, that drums are wanting for the respective Companies that compose his Regiment. He also desired me to mention our medicine chest; suppose, however, we shall find that and the drums at Albany. With respect to Dr˙ Samuel Cooke, the gentleman nominated Surgeon to our Regiment, I am authorized to inform your, Sir, that he attended several days in New-York for his examination, but at length by one contingency or other came away without it. He at first applied to Dr˙ Jones, who would not examine him unless Dr˙ Bard (who was out of Town) was present. The matter was stated to the Congress, who ordered that one of the members should wait on Dr˙ Jones, and inform him that an examination by him alone would satisfy them. Dr˙ Jones, however, declined. After Dr˙ Bard' s return, there was a day appointed for the business, but that day both Dr˙ Jones and Bard were called to Long-Island. Dr˙ Cooke, being very unwell at the time, could stay no longer, having attended several days to no purpose.

"Those officers and soldiers who are acquainted with Dr˙ Cooke and his practice, and good success both as physician and surgeon, are very desirous to have his appointment confirmed, and as we expect to march in two or three days, are exceedingly anxious that he may be acquainted with it, and follow us as soon as possible.

"I am, Sir, your obedient humble servant,


"To the Hon˙ Peter V˙ B˙ Livingston, Esq."