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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee of Baltimore County, held at Mr˙ Grant' s, December 7, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Smith, Deputy-Chairman, Philip Rogers, J˙ T˙, Chase, John Deaver, Mark Alexander, Francis Sanderson, George Lindenberger, William Buchanan, Richard Moale, Nicholas Jones, Maybury Helme, Hercules Courtenay, Robert Alexander, Darby Lux, Benjamin Griffith, Job Garretson, George Woolsey, James Calhoun, William Lux, Isaac Grist, John Boyd, Clerk˙

Captain James Thomas, of the Ship William, from Bristol, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on oath, that he arrived within the Capes of Chesapeake-Bay on the 30th day of November last past, and that he has not imported himself, nor is there, to the best of his knowledge, any East-India Tea on board his ship. The Captain at the same time produced his Log-Book, which corresponded with his declaration aforesaid; respecting the time of his arrival in the Bay.

The following gentlemen, importers of goods in said ship, appeared before the Committee, and made oath that they had not imported any East-India Tea in said ship: William Smith, James Cheston, David Mitchell, William Neill, Christopher Johnston, and David McLure.

Captain Robert Johnston, of the Ship Elizabeth, from Londonderry, having arrived in Chesapeake-Bay after the first day of December, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on oath, that there is not at present, nor has he imported in said ship, goods of any kind for sale, except seven pieces of Irish Bagging, being his own private adventure, which he engages to deliver into the hands of Mr˙ Hercules Courtenay and Captain George Woolsey, who are appointed by the Committee to receive and sell them at publick vendue, and, after paying the said Captain the first cost and charges of said goods, out of the produce of the sales, the remainder, if any, to be accounted for to the Committee by Messrs˙ Courtenay and Woolsey, and applied by the Committee to the purposes in that case recommended by the Continental Congress.

A complaint having been laid before the Committee by John Cannon and others, against Alexander McLure, and Goodwin & Russell, that they had raised the price of certain goods by them sold, contrary to the Association of


the General Congress; it was debated, whether the said complaint should be taken into consideration at a future meeting; and a vote being taken, it was resolved in the affirmative. The complaint is, therefore, to be heard at the meeting which shall happen next after the rising of the ensuing Provincial Congress.