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Resolution to Procure Arms for Colonel Maxwells Battalion


William Maxfield, Esquire, Colonel of the Western Battalion of this Colony, laid before this Congress certain Resolutions of the Continental Congress, recommending the immediate arming Colonel Maxwell' s Battalion, under orders to march to Canada; which were read, and filed.

Whereas, the Continental Congress have ordered Colonel Maxwell' s Battalion to march to Canada, as soon as the men can be furnished with Arms, and other articles absolutely essential: And whereas, Arms are extremely scarce, and, indeed, impossible to be procured in time for the equipment of said Battalion, without making application to the several Counties in this Province:

Resolved, That the Committees, or other publick bodies, in whose hands any of the New Jersey Provincial Arms and Accoutrements are deposited, do deliver the same to the Commanding Officer of said Battalion, or his order, of whom they are required to take vouchers, with the valuation of said Arms, &c˙, there underwritten; and that this Congress will either immediately pay for said Arms, agreeable to appointment, or replace them as soon as possible, which ever the said Committees, or publick bodies, shall think most proper.

This Congress do, in the most strong and explicit manner, recommend to every private person, who has Arms fit for immediate use, to dispose of the same for the purpose above-mentioned.

Ordered, That copies of the above Resolve be immediately made, and certified by the Secretary.

Ordered, That copies of the following Letter, signed by the President, be sent to the Commanding Officers, and Chairmen of the several County Committees In the Province:

GENTLEMEN: The late repulse at Quebeck requires every exertion of the friends of American freedom; in


consequence whereof, Colonel Maxwell' s Battalion is ordered to march forthwith, and the Continental Congress have applied to our body, urging the greatest despatch in procuring arms and necessaries for this expedition. Therefore, in pursuance of the aforesaid application, we request you, gentlemen, to use the utmost diligence and activity in collecting all the publick arms belonging to your County, being your proportion of the Provincial arms unsold. Despatch, in this case, is quite necessary. As, no doubt, the arms are distributed in the hands of the Associators, it will be necessary that every officer do his part. The value of the arms will be paid in money, or the number be replaced; and the expenses of collecting and forwarding them punctually discharged. We put you to this trouble with regret; but the necessity of the measure must apologize. You will have the arms collected in your County, valued by good men, and sent to Burlington or Trenton, under the care of such officer of Colonel Maxwell' s Battalion as may be the bearer hereof.

Adjourned till this afternoon, three o' clock.