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Commodore Caldwell


Upon application of Colonel Samuel Miles for some Muskets for the use of Captain Lloyd' s Company in the Musket Battalion of this Province, by order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver twelve Firelocks and Bayonets, for the use aforesaid, he taking a receipt for the same.

Resolved, That Colonel Miles be authorized to procure a Smith' s Bellows and Tools proper for an Armourer of the Provincial Battalion in the service of this Province; and that he draw on this Board for the amount of what he may purchase for that purpose.

Resolved, That Commodore Caldwell be directed to give notice to the Commanding Officers of the Armed Boats to attend this Board on Saturday morning next, at nine o' clock.

By order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver, for the use of Captain Proctor' s Company, twenty-seven Firelocks, for the use of his Artillery.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on Michael Hittegas, Esquire, in favour of John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, for five thousand Pounds.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Nixon and Captain White be requested to make inquiry, and report the quantity of Ammunition that each Armed Boat was supplied with when they went down the river last week against the Ships of War, and what supplies they received afterwards from the Ship, Fort, and Floating-Battery, with the times and other circumstances of the different supplies.

Resolved, That Mr˙ Clymer, Mr˙ James Biddle, and Mr˙ Wilcocks, be a Committee to draw up a Memorial to Congress respecting the procuring of Sulphur and Lead, and erecting Fortifications at Billingsport.

Resolved, That the Fort-Island Committee be requested to give orders for the following articles, to be procured for Fort-Island, and to have a Furnace built for heating Shot: A Proof for Powder, twelve ounce Balls to quilt Grape for eighteen-pounders, Cannon for Blockhouse, Sods, and Fascines.

The Committee having already made known to the inhabitants of this City the pressing occasion there is for a large quantity of Lead, to be employed in the defence of this country, and requested them to spare for the publick use the various species of Leaden Weights in their respective families, the Committee, as the most easy and expeditious method of procuring such Lead, have appointed Thomas Nevill, Frazer Kinsley, Jesse Roe, and John Deny, to go round the City, and receive it at the several houses, they paying at the rate of six pence per pound, as formerly specified; it being understood that the Clock-Weights are not at present comprehended among them, as the Weights to replace them are not yet made. It is expected every virtuous citizen will immediately and cheerfully comply with this requisition; but if any person should be so lost to all sense of the publick good as to refuse, a list of their names is directed to be returned to this Committee.

By order of the Board a Letter was written to John Core, Esquire, requesting he would send to this City, by Wagons, all the Cannon Ball he has made by order of this Board; and informing him that the difference between land and water carriage shall be allowed him.